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This year I attended the Washington Auto Show on January 30th, it was a Monday so there weren’t any special events going on, just simply looking at vehicles. The day was full of many comments (both positive and negative) about the different displays. Focus of the day was on luxury vehicles, sports cars, and 4X4s. I also have a passion for law enforcement equipment and vehicles so I spent a good amount of time looking at the different patrol units on the scene. In the past I’ve thought this auto show just seemed like walking through a couple dealerships; nothing fancy, just a lot of stock cars already sold to the public. I’m happy to say that this year the Washington Auto Show brought new concept vehicles and cars with aftermarket accessories. Overall this was a good auto show to be in attendance.

Many different auto makers brought some very luxurious and sophisticated vehicles to the show this year. In the past year a few new release models were delivered to the dealerships for sale to the public. With both the release of the Cadillac CT6 and the Lincoln Continental it is hard to pick a favorite. Both are very large mafia-looking vehicles boasting many new options,technology, and simple class. In the end I had to choose the Lincoln; as the new model looks unlike any other model the automaker currently has on the market.

With electric cars becoming increasingly popular in the previous years I have to say my number one pick of sports car from the show was the BMW i8. Unfortunately BMW had tucked it away in the corner and it didnt get the recognition it so deserved. With its sleek lines, power, low emissions, and lack of fuel, the electric sports coupe became a 2017 auto show favorite for me.

Automakers use the auto show to try to make their models appeal to all the different type of car people. Kia made their attempt at the offroad/recreational community by placing a rack on the roof and tracks on the axle. While it looked cool, the realistic value of this car is not there. Time and time again Toyota has showed us capable and reliable 4x4s. While it’s true I have a passion for Jeep and drive one daily, this year my top pick 4×4 of the auto show was a Toyota. With its long standing history in the overlanding world, the Toyota Land Cruiser’s design and capability is immortal. The Land Cruiser is big and allows for lots of storage for an overlanding event. Unfortunately for the offroading community this Toyota SUV starts at around $80,000.


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