Product Review: 4.5 Inch Rough Country Suspension kit


This kit was one of the first items added to my truck to start my offroad design and capabilities upgrade. It’s a real simple lift and from the beginning I can say it’s a good starter lift; good if you aren’t planning on doing any serious offroading. The kit has held up and I still have some of it’s components on my truck now, however I am planning on upgrading with some “better quality” brands/parts. The kit is an easy install; no need for new driveshaft,extended brake lines, drop pitman arm, track bar, HD steering system,etc. Over time the components have begun to show age and are in need of replacing/upgrading. Bottom line is I’ve had the kit installed on my Jeep for almost 5 years with light to moderate offroading and haven’t had any issues directly related to the lift kit.


It lifts the vehicle for greater suspension travel

Has held up 5 years so far

Budget friendly


Add-a-leaf rear suspension – I would suggest getting full new leaf packs

The ride feels rough, then again it is a truck…

Sway bar links are not quick disconnect

Transfer case drop kit is plastic



Link to Product: 4.5 inch Rough Country suspension kit


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